Miami the land of palm trees and sunshine is known for its unique car culture. Just take a stroll down the city on any given day and you are sure to see supercars gliding down Miami avenues.
If you want to get your hands on a supercar of your own then West Coast Luxury Rentals is the place to be.
Keep reading to brush up on your supercar knowledge and find out why West Coast Luxury Rentals is the best supercar provider in Miami.

What is a Supercar?

A supercar is a high-performance vehicle that typically has a horsepower of 500 mph if not higher.
It is difficult to pin down exactly what makes a car a supercar. A lot of it boils down to personal taste. However, there are a few things you can look for especially if you are searching for a supercar on rent.
For starters, if the car does not have a top speed of at least 200 mph then it does not qualify as a supercar. Basically, if a sports car is faster than regular sports car then it is most definitely a supercar.
But a supercar is also about jaw-dropping visuals. If the sports car looks like it dropped out of a futuristic movie set then you bet it’s a supercar.
So, if you want to rent a supercar pick the one with a stunning exterior and a top speed that can leave most other cars to bite the dust.

Types of Supercars

Let’s take a look at some of the supercars waiting for you at West Coast Luxury Rentals Miami.

Ferrari 458 Spider

First up, we have the award-winning Ferrari 458 Spider that is considered a cult classic especially by old-time car enthusiasts.
The 458 Spider comes in Ferrari’s trademark red with a sculpted body that gives the car a sleek appearance that is super eye-catching. Plus, the streamlined exterior makes the 458 an aerodynamic beast that can literally cut through the air when you step up on the gas.
In terms of power, the 458 is pretty solid with a horsepower of 562 hp @ 9000 rpm which puts it squarely in supercar territory. At top speeds, this bad boy can easily cross the 200 mph mark with Ferrari claiming that the car has a maximum speed of 202 mph.
So why is the 458 such a cult classic?
The short and simple answer is that the 458 has the DNA of a true race car. Ferrari wanted to build a sports car that matched the speed of Formula 1 racing cars but was still street legal.
So that’s how the 458 Spider was born. Plus, the car has a naturally aspirated engine so you can hear the roar of the engine as you zip along the highway and true race car fanatics won’t have it any other way. So the 458 is not just a car but an experience.

Chevrolet Corvette C8

Next up, we have the Corvette C8 which is an eight-generation Chevrolet coupe. The C8 comes in two different versions. The first one is the Stingray which has a vivid orange exterior and looks like a classic sports car.
The other version is the Z51 which is even more hardcore in terms of horsepower and speed. The Z51 comes in a bright blue color so in terms of aesthetics alone this car is supercar material.
And the best part is that we house both of the C8 models at our location in Miami! So you can rent the one that takes your fancy.
But, coming back to the Z51 this sleek monster has a 6.2-liter LT2 V8 engine and an upgraded exhaust. So, the Z51 provides a horsepower of 500 hp which qualifies it as an entry-level supercar.
The car is also equipped with the latest tech and offers six different drive modes such as Tour, Weather, Sport, Track, My Mode and Z-Mode. The last two modes are fully customizable and can be set to match your own preferences.
The rest come pre-set but are quite handy for people renting out a supercar for the first time. We recommend starting with the Tour mode and switching to Sport if you are feeling adventurous.

BRABUS 550 Adventure 4×4²

You might be wondering what an all-terrain vehicle is doing on this list of supercars so let us explain real quick why the BRABUS is considered by many a supercar.
Firstly, the car has a V-8 engine that delivers a horsepower of 550 hp which is way higher than even the C8.
In fact, the BRABUS 550 is marketed as the first off-road supercar. It’s not hard to see why this car is a supercar with its 37 inch monster wheels and top speed of 130 mph.
While the BRABUS might not be as fast as most supercars it is definitely faster than any off-road all terrain jeep on the market right now which is why we feel justified in including it on our list of supercars today.

Why is West Coast Luxury Rentals the Best Supercar Provider in Miami?

At West Coast Luxury Rentals we believe in providing only the finest supercars at the most affordable rental fees.
We offer showroom visits so that you can inspect all our cars up close. We also arrange test drives for customers who put in a request in advance. Please reach out to us via email or through our contact number if you would like to book a test drive.
Our rental process is also extremely quick. We only ask clients to fill out a form to gather basic information such as name and contact. A copy of a valid driver’s license and one copy of an insurance policy are also required. And that’s all for our rental process!
The whole process should take you no more than 20 minutes. Ours is hands down the most convenient supercar rental service in all of Miami. So, what are you waiting for? Pay us a visit anytime and pick up the supercar you always wanted.